The Writing Lab

The Writing Lab will help you be a more successful academic writer. Get the skills and support you need to write exceptional grant proposals and academic papers.

Courses and Workshops

Self-paced courses are available all year and can be tailored to your schedule. Or get access to personalized advice form me in virtual workshops or guided courses with live Q&A sessions. I also provide training to programs, units, and departments - speak to me about a customized workshop for your group.

How to write a competitive NIH K Award: Masterclass

$197.00 USD

Join Sarah Dobson for a two-hour class that will teach you how to write a clear and compelling Career Devel...

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Resubmission Strategy Session

$299.00 USD

Send me your Summary Statement and your previous proposal and in a 45-minute video meeting I'll help you identify whe...

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Self-Paced Academic Writing Course

$99.00 USD

Create your own academic writing retreat with this self-paced course. You'll get structure, skills, and tools to fini...

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